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ErgoBlue PCBs for Sale

Please keep in mind that building an ErgoBlue will require a fair amount of Linux and programming experience to configure the firmware. The main firmware options are ZMK (recommended) and my own firmware (not recommended). There are others such as BlueMicro and QMK forks that should also work though I have little experience with them.

I am unable to provide support with setup or debugging. I'm only selling the hardware. If you are considering a build, be sure to first take a look at the setup process and make sure you are at least somewhat comfortable with it.

As of September 10, 2020, I am currently taking preorders for ErgoBlue version 2 PCBs. The price is $50 plus shipping ($55 for shipped to continental US). Payment currently only accepted via Venmo.

Unlike the version 1 PCBs, the new version comes with all 78 SMT 1N4148 diodes included. You'll obviously still need to solder switches and some other components that you'll need to purchase yourself from DigiKey.

The blog post for ErgoBlue 2 including a build guide and an accompanying video will be available in early/mid October. You can look at the ErgoBlue 1 blog post to get a general idea of what the build is like though a lot has changed in version 2. The total cost excluding switches and keycaps will run somewhere between $200 and $300 depending on your configuration.

If you are interested in joining the preorder, drop me an email (linked from my home page). I'm happy to answer questions and discuss some of the differences with version 1.

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