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ErgoBlue 2 Build Album

Plate from SendCutSend

Case from Ponoko

PCB with Diodes

The PCBs for sale include SMT diode soldered by the PCB manufacturer (first image) though I personally used a slightly different PCB and manually soldered through hole diodes (second image).

Plate with Switches

I decided to go with Cherry MX Clear switches for my build. I am using Mill Max 0305 sockets for hot swapping the switches.

Assembled and Unassembled PCBs

Batteries and Solar PCB

I am using two 750mAh Eneloop AAA batteries per side. The solar PCB contains holes for mounting the batteries. I laser cut a simple rectangular enclosure for the batteries. While there are many commercially available AAA enclosures, I couldn't use them as I only had 10.2mm of available height inside the case. The batteries have a diameter of 10.5mm and they fit very snugly.

Bottom View

My right side uses a Nordic nRF52840 Dongle and my left side uses a Fanstel nRF52810 module. Both sides were supposed to use the Fanstel nRF52810 module but I did not solder the one for the right half correctly.

Top View

Complete Keyboard

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